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Council Activities
Business meetings are held once a month, on the 2nd Wednesday, at 7:30 pm.

Our council hosts a large number of council activities throughout the year.

Together with other Knights in the Pittsburgh Diocese, we support the Bishop's Project for Exceptional Children through various fund-raising activities.

Our council collects used eye-glasses for grading and redistribution to those in need in third world countries.

We donate to the EECM (East End Community Ministries) Food Bank through member donations and other fund-raising sources.

We conduct many other activities, as encouraged by the Order, in areas of Church: Parochial service and sponsorship of various parish activities, Clergy recognition, and Seminarian support; Community: Blood drives, Pro-life, Used eye-glasses collections, Aid to missionary activities in Honduras, EECM and Exceptional Children's projects; Youth: Annual Free-throw and Essay contests, Altar server awards, support to School Libraries, Gently-used books, support to orphanages in Honduras and Uganda; Family: Promotion of Family and Couple outings, parties and dinners, Annual Memorial Mass, Family of the Month and Family of the Year awards; Council/Fraternal: Bi-monthly newsletter, Intra-council socials, Knight of the Month award, E-mail hotline.

Pray For Our Seminarians And For Vocations
Especially: Mr Adam Lucas, studying at Saint Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, MD

Prayers for Seminarians and Vocations
Almighty and eternal God,
in your unfailing love you provide ministers for your Church. We pray for those whom you call to serve the Church of Pittsburgh as priests.
Inspire in them a generous response. Grant them courage and vision to serve your people. May their lives of service call your people to respond to the presence of your Spirit among us, that, faithful to the Gospel and hope of Jesus Christ, we may announce glad tidings to the poor, proclaim liberty to captives, set prisoners free, and renew the face of the earth.
Amen -- Diocese of Pittsburgh

O Lord, send workers for your harvest, so that the commands of your only-begotten Son may always be obeyed and his sacrifice be everywhere renewed.
Look with favor upon your family, and ever increase its numbers. Enable it to lead its sons to the holiness to which they are called and to work for the salvation of others.
Amen -- Enchiridion of Indulgences, no. 37

Community Activity Articles

The Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail

The St Raphael Annual Bazaar

Dedication of Memorial to the Unborn Child at Sacred Heart parish, Shadyside (June 2014)

Bernie Kozlowski, Mike Murphy, SK Tom McGinnis, SK Michael G Fader, Mike Sullivan, Joe Moncada

SK Tom McGinnis, SK Michael G Fader

Joe Moncada, Mike Murphy, SK Tom McGinnis, The Most Reverend William Winter, DD, The Reverend Robert Greco


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