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Rolling Update of Recent Changes to This Site

2017 July Updated officers page for the new Fraternal Year (including a photo of our Chaplain!)
Added three pamphlets to the membership page: Did You Know?, Why You Should Be A Knight, and 24 Hours Could Change Your Life

2016 November LONG overdue site-wide update. Re-launch of site on controlled address.

2014 July Site-wide update to reflect new officers and contact information, remove broken links.

2011 August Site-wide update to reflect new officers and contact information.

2009 June 25 Site-wide update to reflect new officers and contact information.

2008 September 11 Removed the activities link to the military care package page (16 June) as we have lost our contact for distributing items. Hopefully we can find a new point of contact and resume the project.

2008 June 30 Site update to reflect Officers for the new Fraternal Year. Added membership promotional page 24 Hour Knight, available from the Membership page.

2008 June 16 Added a page listing items that may be sent to the troops serving in Iraq, available off the activities page.

2007 August 9 Minor editing to the front page text.
Introduction of the first 2 (of, hopefully, many) Community Activity Articles

2007 June 18 Site-wide update to reflect the election of officers for the 2007-2008 Fraternal Year

2007 June 1 Added this What's New? page and button on the front

2007 May 31 Columbia Archive article featuring the Bishop's Project linked from the Project page

2007 April Degree Progress added to the Membership page
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